Going Under
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The plot in a paragraph

Have you ever wondered how it would be if you worked at a trendy startup? Well, wonder no more! In Going Under you will step into the shoes of Jackie as she joins Fizzle, a vibrant startup company. Get ready for all the quintessential elements: an unpaid internship, a charismatic hip guru boss, an open office layout, a sausage dog and… dungeons?


The game offers a unique and enjoyable experience as a rogue-like dungeon crawler. With a wide variety of weapons, skills, and apps to choose from, the gameplay remains engaging and far from repetitive. The mechanics are introduced gradually and in a coherent manner, allowing players to understand and navigate the game world effectively.

One notable aspect of the gameplay is its length, which provides a substantial and immersive experience. The duration of the game heavily relies on the player’s skill level. However, even if you’re not the most skilled player, the game offers built-in “cheating” options that can be accessed to reduce the difficulty. This feature proves to be invaluable for players who may be less familiar with this type of game or simply want to enjoy a more relaxed experience.

What is missing?

More things to do in the overworld. Growing up playing games like Spyro the Dragon and Sonic Adventure, I would love to see additional tasks or places to explore in the overworld. It would be a highly welcomed addition.

The clothing options are alright, but it would be more rewarding to receive them more frequently instead of just getting one per dungeon and then the rest as rewards when you are nearly finished with the game.

What made me giggle

I found the early weapons to be quite amusing. There’s something magical about using a cactus or a giant drill to hit your co-workers.

Do I recommend playing it?

This game is a more light-hearted approach to rogue-likes that I believe can be enjoyed even by people who are not particularly invested in this genre. The game’s humour and global setting make sense in the context of 2020, but do not expect that it will age very well. Nonetheless, it offers a fun and cosy experience, and I would highly recommend it.

🎮 Gameplay 8 🖋️ Score
8.5 🖋️
🖼️ Graphics 8 🖋️
🎵 Music 8 🖋️
🎉 Fun 10 🖋️
🔁 Replaying? ❌

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