Jolt Configs: From CSGO to CS2 and more
📖 1 minute

With the recent launch of Counter-Strike 2, I revisited my configurations to set up an autoexec.cfg file to test the game. However, I have renamed my old CSGO Jolt CFG repository to simply Jolt Configs. This change was motivated because now it will not only house configurations for Counter-Strike 2, but also the legacy configurations for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

I had a separate (private) repository, TF2 Jolt CFG, dedicated to my Team Fortress 2 configurations. I’ve now integrated this into the Jolt Configs repository, under the TF2 branch. I know it still needs a lot of work. I do not play TF2 as much anymore, so it might take a while to merge into the master branch.

As always, feel free to suggest changes, report errors or request features for the repository.

Happy gaming!

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