This is a list 📝 of projects 💡 with which I was or am involved 🤝. I have a terrible 🙅‍♂️ habit of starting ✍️ projects 💡 and forgetting 🤔 about them, so this list 📝 is extremely useful 👍 to me 🙋‍♂️.


AUR packages

Currently maintaining the uam and utopia packages.

Encrypt It

A simple self-hosted flask webapp to encrypt/decrypt files.

~~Mapa de Lugares de Estudo e Trabalho~~

A directory made with contributions from the community and made for the community to find places where you can work/study away from the office or home.

> This project is under review. <


Simple Twitch Bot

A simple and extensible bot for written entirely in pure Python.



MyGenes is an environment dependent simulator of digital organisms’ evolution. This was part of my MSc in Biochemistry.



An Android game made with Lua using the Corona SDK. Being an older project, and not being updated since 2015, the game has been removed from both Google Play Store and Aptoide. If I manage to find the .apk file I’ll make it available to download.

Jolt Configs

A collection of game configuration templates for new or existing players to adapt to their needs. Currently has config files for Counter-Strike 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.


Firefox Dracula Theme

A dark Firefox theme inspired by the Dracula Theme.

Chrome/Edge/Brave/Chromium Dracula Theme

A dark Firefox theme inspired by the Dracula Theme.

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